Tackling Obesity

“Obesity is one of the biggest issues facing our planet and our children. Globally it costs an estimated £1.5 trillion each year in healthcare and lost productivity. It is unacceptable that in some places, such as the UK, diet poses a greater threat than anything else to our health and life expectancy. For the first time ever, today’s children will live unhealthier and shorter lives than their parents, because of the food we eat. That’s truly shocking!

On a global level, no country has yet implemented a joined-up strategy to fight diet-related disease to the degree that this problem so urgently needs. A sugary drinks tax is just the beginning. My six-point obesity plan below spells out where I think governments across the world should be focusing their attention.

With more people on the planet than ever, the food we eat has never been more critical. We need to face facts – this problem won’t go away unless we face it head on.”

Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s Six-Point Plan

Together with medical experts and professionals, Jamie has identified six key areas that urgently need political action, across the globe. Although every country in the world is different, if each one made progress in these six areas it could make an enormous difference

Sugary Drinks Tax

What we want

  • More countries to follow the lead of Mexico, the UK, France and many others and introduce a sugary drinks levy.
  • Revenue to be invested into health initiatives and food education.

Sugar Reformulation

What we want

  • Mandatory targets to reduce excessive sugar in all products.
  • Penalties for non-compliance.

Fair Marketing

What we want

  • A ban on food advertising targeted at children.
  • Cutting promotion of sugary products.

Clearer Labelling

What we want

  • Mandatory and clear on-pack sugar info, such as traffic light labelling.
  • Restrictions on portion sizes for confectionary and sugary drinks.

School Food

What we want

  • Access to healthy food at school for all children.
  • To prioritise food education in schools.


What we want

  • Clear national guides on what nutritious daily meals look like.
  • Practical resources for both parents and teachers.
  • Better consistency between the classroom and home.

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