Breakfast Gives Power is an educational program for primary schools in Poland. Its main goal is to promote the principles of healthy eating and emphasize the important role of breakfast in the diet of a child – with a healthy start to the day, children have the energy to learn, better focus in the classroom and the strength to play.  The program, initiated by the Partnership for Health, has been taking place in Polish primary schools since 2011.  Students in grades 0-3, participate in lessons on healthy eating full of games, quizzes and exciting extracurricular experiments.

The main activities of the program are The Breakfast Gives Power clubs in classes and The Breakfast Gives Power Day, when kids supported by teachers prepare and eat community breakfast together in the classroom. In over 7,000 member primary schools in Poland, learning about healthy nutrition and the role of breakfast is based on engaging and exciting interactive lessons. The knowledge is based on 12 principles of healthy eating, prepared by the Institute of Mothers and Children in Poland.

Alarmingly, 130,000 primary school students in Poland suffer from malnutrition and nearly a quarter of a million (220,000) primary school children do not eat the nutritional requirements for proper development. This program aims to the help reduce the level of malnutrition among children in Poland – through education and the promotion of proper eating habits.

Thanks to the programme, eating habits of Polish schoolchildren are changing for the better and more and more children are interested in healthy food. According to a survey carried out in the classes participating in the Breakfast Gives Power program, there has been an increase in the number of students bringing breakfast to school, and an increase the the nutritional quality of these foods. In addition, teachers have noticed that children in almost all classes participating in the program ask questions about preparing healthy meals and talk more about nutrition.

Guinness World Record!

The Breakfast Gives Power programme in Poland has also achieved the accolade of a Guinness World Record for the largest cookery lesson to take place. On November 6, 2015, 6778 Polish elementary school students showed the whole world their enormous enthusiasm for healthy food and a daily breakfast. The Jury of the Guinness World Records in Great Britain officially confirmed the establishment of a new record, with the Polish students beating the previous record by 444 participants!

We all know the importance of having a healthy breakfast to kickstart the day, and this is especially important for children who need energy and sustenance to be able to focus and concentrate at school.  We have some great Food Revolution and Kitchen Garden Project breakfast recipes to start your day with a bang!  Why not try this year’s FRD recipe for DIY Fruit Oaty Cereal for a tasty, nutritious bowl? Start your day off right with these delicious KGP recipes: warm up with this wholesome bowl of porridge, get a protein kick with these tasty scrambled eggs, or treat yourself with these easy blueberry pancakes.  Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so make sure you make it a healthy and delicious one!


About Partnership for Health

Since 2006, the Partnership for Health (Pl. Partnerstwo dla Zdrowia) has been working preventing malnutrition and promoting healthy eating habits among children in Poland. There are two main activities carried out by the institution : the first is to create products with a social mission and the second is promote and enable educational activities.