Before he passed away, my father was one of the top chefs in Hong Kong who had his own culinary show, cook books & media column teaching the local affordable and healthy diet. Growing up I learnt all sorts of food knowledge and cooking ideas from him and even though I did not become a professional chef, the passion and knowledge that he instilled in me has still brought me to the same destiny.

From the time when the United Nations projected a population of 9.6 billion by 2050, I decided to join hands with global innovators and dedicated efforts towards some of the world’s main concerns about limited resources, hunger, climate change and obesity.

I joined the Food Revolution in 2012 and since then I have been trying and testing what works for Hong Kong. How can I get more people to aware of their diet? From hosting public events at farmer markets, inviting celebrities and chef to demonstrate their family dishes and hosting awareness photo campaigns to organising workshops and giving public talks, I have tried many possible gimmicks in order to get more exposure in this city. More of our previous activities can be found here.

To date, I have found that the most effective and impactful activity is definitely our school program in which we teach students across Hong Kong about real food and the impact what we eat has on our bodies. This programme is something we do year round, in order to educate and engage the next generation and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to make the best food choices they can. The ‘Think.Cook.Save.’ health and food education program has reached over 10,000 students annually since 2014!

This year, for Food Revolution Day,  we have lots lined up!

Seven Food Revolution Day 2016 School Activities, with a target to reach over 1,000 students and get them to join the Food Revolution.

Two celebrations of the Food Revolution with Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong, hoping to reach some local families.

A “Health & Food Market” tailor-made for more general public to get to know about food, learning about cooking, and being part of the Food Revolution.

Last but not least, 700 Students will join hands with us on the Food Revolution Day to learn to cook a “happy” dish.

To be able to contribute my tiny bit to this global Food Revolution is something I really proud of.  I dare not to say that I am a revolutionary, but I hope my tiny effort can help the next generations to be able to live in an environment which is as good as the one I grew up.

I look forward to seeing this successful Food Revolution initiative inspire even more social innovators, forward thinkers and individuals to contribute to a happier, healthier world.

Image: Go.Asia

About Beatrice Chan

Beatrice Chan is a Food Revolution Super Ambassador, based in Hong Kong. Beatrice currently works as the Chief of Go.Asia, a Hong Kong based not-for-profit charity project co-founded by the DotAsia Organisation and Actor Donnie Yen, focusing its efforts to initiate social innovation and charitable projects. Alongside her work with this charity, Beatrice is also a food columnist for newspaper, magazine and web pages and her cookbook was published at 2014 which is the first bilingual food education book in Asia.  Her food education project, the Think.Cook.Save. Health and Food Education program has reached over 10,000 students annually since 2014.