This weekend, The Times and The Guardian announced the details of Dispatches’ upcoming documentary, “The Secret Plan To Save Fat Britain.” Airing tonight at 8pm, the investigation shows in stark contrast David Cameron’s unreleased 37-page, personally-prefaced plan, against Theresa May’s watered-down, 13-page version released in August.

It will send chills down anyone’s spine who cares about the health of children across the UK.

It did for Jamie Oliver.

So much so that Jamie, James Cracknell, former rowing World Champion and double Olympic Gold Medallist, Dr. Dawn Harper, media presenter and doctor, and Justine Roberts, CEO of Mumsnet, joined Channel 4’s Jackie Long in a panel and Facebook Live discussion this morning talking about what’s needed to get the UK back on track.

They talked about the need for:

Clear labelling on food packaging – so we know what’s in our food, what’s healthy and what’s not.

Regulation on marketing and advertising – so that bad food isn’t made more accessible or attractive to kids and parents.

Regulations that make sure companies do reformulate, and make all products less salty and sugary – so that well intended voluntary commitments don’t leave the companies who want to do the right thing less able to because their competitors won’t and the playing field’s uneven.

Evidence-based information and guidelines for parents – so they can do what all parents want to, and keep their kids healthy and fit for life.

Regulate what’s allowed in school lunches – so that teachers aren’t put in the tricky position of having to police parents one by one.

Establish a based line and measure kids health at school – if we don’t keep tighter track of how we’re doing, we won’t know if, when and where we’re improving.

Make lots of noise and be demanding about what goes in our bodies.

Jamie and the panel asked parents, kids, teachers, health experts – everyone who cares about their health, and the health of future generations – to speak out. Jamie’s started a campaign to get everyone to #TellTheresa what needs to be done. And fast. So that the government knows people across the UK are paying attention – and listens to us!

Here’s some of what we’ve heard already:

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The government has the capacity to help make young people’s lives a little easier by offering greater, better choices. If labelling was clearer, if junk food and advertising to kids was banned, we’d be getting closer to protecting kids’ health. Virtually all kids’ lives are affected now by diabetes and cancer hitting parents, siblings, grandparents and friends. Enough is enough. For things to change, people need to speak up and out. If you want to take action, please join #TellTheresa.

Here’s how:

  1. Find your local MP on social media using
  2. On Twitter, ask them the question or concern you want them to ask Theresa May at the next Prime Minister’s Questions on 9 November.
  3. Tag your tweet #TellTheresa
  4. And, always, stay engaged in the conversation @FoodRev