I am a mom to three boys, a culinary consultant, recipe developer and food writer. My heritage is Cantonese Chinese, and I was born and live in Toronto, Canada. I have been in the food industry for 15 years, from catering to product and recipe development to writing for food magazines and I’m passionate about multiculturalism and cooking.  I love to get people excited about trying new and cultural foods, and inspire them to cook from scratch. The values from my upbringing with my working mom preparing daily home-cooked meals were already instilled in me by the time I became a mom myself, and I have been committed to preparing meals from scratch and passing my cooking skills on to my children.

I have proudly been an ambassador for two years. I was thrilled to first come across Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution around the time I started my blog Susan’s Savour-It! on family meals, and it shaped my posts with defined purpose and meaning.

My first year with Food Revolution Day was with my sons’ pre-school of 40 students. They completed paper food activities on Jamie’s site and the teachers engaged the kids in discussion about where food comes from. My kids also made Jamie’s champion rainbow wrap at home. In 2015, my second Food Revolution Day, I held events across three schools where the most notable was at a high school that runs an amazing culinary department. We had the entire student body of 1500 participating making the squash-it sandwich and the highlight was Jamie himself connecting in briefly via video-conference! 

The Ambassador Program has allowed me to connect with other like-minded, passionate individuals around the world and to be inspired by the amazing things other ambassadors are doing within their countries. It’s a platform through which we can support each other’s initiatives and exchange information and experiences. The amount of resources from the diverse backgrounds we all bring is incredible! The friendships and camaraderie forged is one of the most important aspects in our mighty community! Being part of the Food Revolution has given me opportunities to engage in partnerships for my blog to spread our universal message for the Food Revolution across a wider audience. Instead of acting as one small voice, I am now part of a powerful, united front making a world of a difference.

This year for Food Revolution Day 2016, I was involved in several projects! In the first, I collaborated with Real Food For Real Kids (RFRK)– a prominent and respected children’s catering company delivering fresh, healthy and delicious meals daily to 15,000 kids in our greater community at 30+ elementary schools and over 200 childcare centres. RFRK’s regular on-site lunch club coaches serve the food and encourage kids to try new foods and supported Food Revolution Day by getting kids excited about food. A “Cook for your Life” themed week was featured each day with mini-interviews conducted with health industry influencers and advocates to build awareness about joining the #‎RealFoodRevolution. We shared Jamie’s 10 recipes on social media, and encouraged parents and their kids to cook their variations of the recipes.

I also supported Northview Heights High School with their activities – last year, they held a massive cooking event with Jamie linking in briefly via video-conferenceing at the school, showcasing them as a great example of everything Food Revolution stands for. As well as their amazing culinary department, 400 enrolled students (up from 200 last year) along with teachers, program assistants and student volunteers cook lunch from scratch every day to serve to 1500 students in the school cafeteria. This year, culinary students cooked up their variation on Jamie’s 10 recipes and will also incorporate the recipes into their regular class curriculum. They are in the process of creating a school cook book featuring these very recipes!

Lastly,  I made a visit to an elementary school – Flemington Public School to check out The Rainbow Plate‘s founder Janet Nezon‘s amazing workshop. A fresh approach to food education, her innovative hands-on classes teaches kids to use their five senses to learn about and to eat all the colours of the rainbow. That is my kind of interactive food education and what we call the spirit of 365 days of #‎FoodRevolution.

I aim to make food fun and engaging to show people that cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, and that cooking your own meals from scratch is delicious and rewarding!

About Susan Ng

Susan Ng is a Food Revolution Ambassador in Toronto, Canada, a mom to three boys, a culinary consultant, recipe developer and food writer. Susan blogs about her culinary journey at www.susanssavourit.blogspot.ca.