Enriching our bodies at breakfast with tasty, nutritious food that’ll help us kick off the day in the best way we can is something we should all embrace. This is especially true for our kids; making sure they have a good meal in the morning will not only help them concentrate at school and keep them full until lunch (so they avoid the usual trappings of sugary snacks and drinks!), it’ll set them up for a lifetime of good habits.

About 10 years ago, during my School Dinners campaign, I spoke to a shocking number of kids who’d skip breakfast altogether in exchange for a bag of crisps and an energy drink – I couldn’t believe that this was the norm. Since then, stats have shown sugary sweetened drinks to be the single largest source of sugar among kids and teenagers in the UK. When you look at these facts, in a country where one-third of kids are overweight or obese and diet-related diseases are continuously on the rise, it’s clear that attitudes urgently need to change.

A big part of that is educating our kids about food, and showing them how to give breakfast a little bit more love. If it’s nasty, sugar-laden drinks they like, what about blitzing up a fresh, naturally sweet smoothie instead? It really doesn’t have to be difficult – simply peel and chop fruit when you have it, freeze your children’s favourite combinations in sealable sandwich bags, then whack them into a blender in the morning. I’ve been doing this for years, and my kids love them. More than anything, smoothies are a nutritious, delicious answer to getting more of the good stuff, and less of the rubbish into our kids’ diets – if that’s helping to reduce their sugary drink-intake for a few mornings a week, that can only be a positive thing.

Sugary drinks don’t need to be the breakfast norm – try getting your kids to swap them out for a nutritious smoothie. Watch Jamie blitzing up his favourite breakfast smoothies on the Food Revolution Facebook Live Stream on May 20th at 10am BST. Get loads of great smoothie recipes here.