Remember that time you and your friends got a little creative and cooked up something that Blew. Your. Minds? Now, imagine doing that while also rescuing those bendy carrots you forgot about it your crisper, and the bread that went rock hard on your counter. Say hello to a new way of looking at your food with creativity and friendship at its heart. Where YOU write a new recipe for change and cook like a boss.

Why We’re Giving Food Waste The Flip This Food Revolution Day

At Youth Food Movement Australia, we’re inviting everyone to give food waste the flip with us this Food Revolution Day. We believe Gen Y can save the world by saving food, cooking in awesome new ways that bring mates to the table. While 18-24 year olds are amongst the most wasteful, we can also make the biggest difference, with a difference (it’s what makes our organisation tick!).

So far we’ve seen old carrots transformed into tasty new dips, falafels, and baked goodies. We’ve drooled over “cook lucks” where friends rescue the veggies in their fridges and cook up epic feasts. And we’ve even started to revolutionise our workplaces by cooking with our colleagues, turning their fridge shame into lustworthy lunches and bonding sessions.

It all started with SpoonLed. a series of creative workshops that blended gamified food saving and leadership skills. We crowdsourced food saving hacks from attendees, while turning them into SpoonLeaders. SpoonLeaders ran their own food saving “teaspoon” events and parties to inspire their friends to revolutionise food too – and seeing the creativity unfold on social media has been so uplifting. It’s pretty amazing how a simple culture shift can turn a big daunting problem into fuel for friendships and creativity.

Revolutionise with us!

You can be a SpoonLeader and grow this incredible new movement too. To spark the change, we started an online collection of the best food saving hacks. Once you’re feeling all comfortable turning food scraps into snacks, we’ve also got plenty of advice for running your own revolutionary food saving get-together. Show the world how you and your friends are giving food waste the flip with #spoonled and #foodrevolutionday.

Together, we can turn food waste around. We can turn the 1 in 5 bags of food that we normally chuck, into something delicious. We can support food we believe in (with the $1000 a year that households waste on food that’s not eaten). We can grow our creative muscle (as we send 40% less trash to landfill). In the process, we can even turn climate change around (because if the greenhouse gas emissions from rotting food was a country, it would be the third biggest contributor – crazy, we know).

Ready to lead the change, and eat by example? See you on the flipside, revolutionaries.

A huge thank you for the support of the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy.

About Youth Food Movement Australia

Youth Food Movement Australia is growing a generation of 16,000 young Australians who care about their food choices and are co-creating a more sustainable food future. Their volunteer-powered food projects work with industry, councils and universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Launceston and Western Sydney, with more chapters already sprouting up. An estimated 32,000 hours of volunteer time have resulted in 36 events all over the country.