From Syria to Sudan, millions of families are trapped by hunger

Hunger is a vicious cycle affecting many of the world’s poorest people. It damages children’s mental and physical growth, making it harder for them to escape hunger and poverty as adults. When families go hungry, they are forced to make desperate choices – taking children out of school, or selling the tools they need to earn a living.

But just how widespread is hunger? A new report – the 2016 Global Hunger Index has the answer.

 The number of people going hungry is falling, but millions are still being left behind

The report includes some encouraging news. Like the fact that hunger levels in the developing world have dropped by 29 percent since 2000. Which means millions of children are looking forward to better growth and a healthier life than their parents.

This is good progress, but it’s not nearly good enough. 50 countries, including many of the world’s poorest, still have serious or alarming levels of hunger. And we are not on course to hit the global goal of ending hunger by 2030. Missing this target will leave many families trapped in that vicious cycle.

It’s time for action

Before the last election, the UK Government pledged to improve nutrition for 50 million people around the world who would otherwise go hungry. There are loads of common sense, cost-effective ways to tackle hunger – like supporting breastfeeding, or giving farmers new skills to boost their harvests.

But Concern Worldwide, one of the organisations behind the Global Hunger Index, doesn’t think the Government can keep its promise without further investment. So it has launched an online petition calling on the Government to honour its manifesto commitment.

We’d love all our food revolutionaries to take a few seconds and sign the 50 Million Promises petition.

With the right support, people can work their way out of hunger – will you join the fight?

About Arthur Thomas

Arthur is Parliamentary and Campaigns Officer at Concern Worldwide. He works to increase knowledge, understanding and engagement with the UK public and parliamentarians on the issues affecting some of the world's poorest people. Concern Worldwide is an international charity operating in 28 of the poorest countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean to tackle hunger and transform lives.