This year, on Food Revolution Day, Jamie launched a competition to find your best twist on his simple cheese omelette recipe. It’s a humble, healthy dish – open to all manner of variations and a great way to showcase a bit of culinary imagination!

This week we announced the winner and runners up, and in honour of this we’re sharing the stories and inspiration behind them. Here, Chosita Wongmanee outlines her journey into the restaurant world, and shares her recipe for a Thai prawn omelette. (styled and shot above by the Jamie Magazine team).

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Chosita Wongmanee’s omelette

“Since I was a little girl, food has always interested me. Many of my childhood memories involve food. Whether it is tasting lobster for the first time, or when I got sick from overeating at a New Year’s Eve party! I was always wandering around the kitchen, watching my mother or my grandmother preparing food for the family.

When I was a little older, I had the chance to see Jamie Oliver on the Naked Chef series. Discovering those ingredients and cooking techniques I had never seen before was mind-blowing. And it was the first time I came across the word ‘chef’. Ever since, it has been my dream to become one. So I went to cookery school and have worked in the food industry for quite some time. Last year, I decided to open my own small breakfast restaurant.

Going natural

Seeing many of Jamie’s attempts to change people’s perceptions around food really captured my attention. For the first time, I realised that we rely too heavily on manufactured food, just because it’s convenient. So I made a change, starting with myself. Now, I try to be aware of what I eat. I always check the sugar, fat and chemical content from the label of every product before I buy. I also try to cook more from scratch for myself and my family.

As a restaurant owner, I believe it’s my obligation to provide tasty, clean, fresh and healthy meals. And I hope it can inspire people to cook for themselves at home.

My omelette

I believe that every single Thai child should eat omelettes! It is common to have omelettes to accompany lots of main meals. And if you walk the streets of Thailand, you will definitely find at least one omelette and rice vendor. The most popular meats in Thai-style omelettes are prawn, crabmeat or ground pork. Even if you don’t have any of these meats, just eggs and fish sauce will do. My favourite omelette is with prawn, which is why I wanted to share this recipe. It is so easy and so good!”

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About Chosita Wongmanee

Chosita Wongmanee is a chef and a restaurant owner. She graduated her bachelor degree in finance and after she decided to follow her dream to become a chef. In 2009 she went to cooking school in Bangkok. Afterwards, she worked in fine-dining restaurants in Sydney, on Italian cruise ship and at Four seasons hotel Chiangmai. In 2015, she opened a small breakfast-lunch restaurant called "Le Brunch" in Chiangmai, Thailand, her hometown.