This year, on Food Revolution Day, Jamie launched a competition to find your best twist on his simple cheese omelette recipe. It’s a humble, healthy dish – open to all manner of variations and a great way to showcase a bit of culinary imagination!

This week we announced the winner and runners up, and in honour of this we’re sharing the stories and inspiration behind them. Here, Marthe Visser from France describes how a fussy childhood developed into a passion for cooking, and shares her recipe for a classic champignons de Paris omelette (styled and shot above by the Jamie Magazine team).

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Marthe Visser’s omelette

“I grew up in an active family with working parents, an older brother and a younger sister. I remember it being very busy, going to and from school, with sport clubs, music lessons and playdates. I also remember my mother’s struggle to make us eat healthily and responsibly. We basically didn’t like anything she offered us, and decided to be allergic to everything and nothing! On top of that, we decided that we didn’t like the way meat was produced, which meant the Visser household was meat free. My mother faced a challenge!

From fussy to foodies

I remember collecting our organic vegetable basket every Monday after school, and hating it because of the detour – and hating all the incomprehensible vegetables like parsnip, radishes, kohlrabi and chard in it.

Eventually, my mum made a deal with us. We got to judge her creations, and either add it to her repertoire, or banish it, where we were assured we’d never see it again. This meant that my mother built up a book of recipes, and that was the end of the ‘I don’t want that’ fights around the dinner table. As we grew a bit older, we were asked to help with the cooking once a week, choosing our favourite, healthy dish from my mother’s recipe book. If one of us cooked, then my parents were able to continue driving us from horse riding, to swimming lessons and violin classes every day after school!

When we moved out from our parents’ nest, we all got a version of the recipe book, motivating us to develop our own food style and not forgetting what its basis was. Having learned over time to value good produce and how to get the best out of each single ingredient, we were taught to cook using the ingredients we had available. My mum’s recipe book is also filled with notes and recommendations of ‘also good with’ or ‘try with’.

My omelette

Now, almost eight years later, I have developed a routine that hinges on having a healthy, filling breakfast everyday in order to survive busy days at the office, and as I travel to and from university for my MBA. When I came across Jamie’s omelette challenge I was supposed to be deep into a big day of studying, but I took the excuse to have lunch and make myself an omelette. We all know that lunch is more important than anything else, especially in France!

My recipe is simply what I had in the fridge that day. It could have been any combination of crème fraîche, cottage cheese or ricotta, with spinach, asparagus or mushrooms. But one thing is clear, participating in Jamie’s Food Revolution omelette challenge has probably been my most unusual act of procrastination when it comes avoiding studying… and the one with the most positive outcome!”

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About Marthe Visser

Dutch girl in Paris, foodie and first class optimist. Marthe loves simplicity, honesty and purity, and definitely when it's related to food. Freshly graduated and familiar with the restrictions of a student-budget she is convinced that there is no excuse to not eat healthy, cook, or being mindful of excessive waste. She is always seeking for a fitting recipe to value each and every ingredient of a meal she could possibly find on the weekly market. She then takes the perfect picture of it, to only eat my food once it’s cold.
That’s how I like it.