My food journey started about 9 years ago when my daughter at the age of 5, was losing her hair. She wasn’t doing well at school, a bit of a dreamer, and a slow reader but we never realised that it wasn’t her “true” self. We consulted a naturopath who diagnosed her with a condition known as candida (foggy brain being a major symptom) and I put her on a very strict diet and started reading labels religiously.

I was horrified by what I found! Having always cooked fresh food every night, I thought we were pretty healthy but what I began to realise was that those side snacks and cereals were loaded with artificial ingredients and ‘candida feeding’ sugars.

After a summer of healthy, wholesome foods and (including plenty of raw carrots and brown rice!) my daughter entered her new class and after a couple of weeks, the teacher was praising her advanced reading. I thought she was joking but no, it was real! We had eliminated the bad foods and within no time at all it was as though her brain had cleared up and could function clearly.

It was like an awakening, completely unreal. She is now a fantastic reader and English literature is her passion. Over the years, I have eased up on the diet and, as a family, we do consume sugars but we know exactly where they are. I make my own baked goods as well so that we don’t consume the other hidden nasty chemicals. This drove me to wanting to spread the word and my desire to be part of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution – I’ve been an ambassador for the past four years and I love being part of this great movement!

About Way Ling Wiesser

With over 20 years of living, eating and cooking across different countries and cultures - London, France, Thailand, Hong Kong and now Singapore - Way has become increasingly passionate about real food and has been dedicated to positive and sustainable change, in food and beyond, for several years. She signed up as an Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in 2012 with the key aim to spreading real food awareness and to keeping cooking skills alive. Way currently resides in Singapore with her husband, 2 children and various family pets. Way travels regularly and always takes her favourite kitchen knives and garlic crusher with her wherever she goes.