The Food Revolution was a no-brainer for me. With two younglings at home and a passion for good food and healthy living, it allowed me to be a part of something I really believe in. I think that I was really lucky; it was actually my wife that suggested I join the revolution, so all credit goes to her for beginning my journey. The thought that I could do something I love whilst being part of something so significant was just irresistible. Above all, the path that we’re on needs to change and I’m committed to doing my part.

Becoming an Ambassador was the catalyst to realising my culinary and philanthropic aspirations. The cookbook I intended to write when my son Felix was born finally materialised as a blog ( as I needed a platform to support my Food Revolution endeavours; I’ve never looked back. I adore being able to give back to the community and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from being able to help and inspire others.

The Food Revolution has enabled me to reach out to so many people and spread the word about food education. Every time I explain the movement to someone new, the conversation feels like a little win. Cumulatively, we’re all making a difference which will propagate and enrich the lives of many more in the future. Together with the core team around the world, we act as the eyes and ears on the ground and help to coordinate efforts in our respective countries.

Social media coverage has gone from strength to strength, and the Food Revolution Ambassador status has galvanised my role in the community, providing the gravitas required to successfully engage with a wider audience.

I’ve established great relationships with Whole Foods Market in Cheltenham, Daylesford Organic Farm, Waitrose and A.Vogel UK as likeminded companies and generous sponsors. Together we’ve managed to provide germinators for classroom demonstrations throughout the country, and the most beautiful fresh produce to enable children to take part in Food Revolution cooking classes.

I’ve worked with St James’ Primary School and even had the pleasure of helping to tutor a group of children for a regional Junior Masterchef competition (which I’m delighted to say that one of our students won!).  I’ve kicked off initiatives with the occupational health department in my day-job to help improve the overall wellbeing of staff in the workplace, and I’ve been interviewed by local newspapers and BBC radio. This year I’ve reached out to more schools and local food suppliers for Food Revolution Day, with a view to running concurrent events for a much larger audience.

I honestly didn’t think that I’d get accepted as an Ambassador, and I’m humbled and so very pleased that I applied. It feels fantastic to be a part of such a wonderful global movement which has a sole aim of improving the lives of millions of people.

May it continue to prosper and empower.  #FoodRevolution

About Alex Hodgkinson-Last

Alex is a Food Revolution Ambassador and a Senior Change Consultant, he has spent his career working for the British Government both in the UK and overseas.