Hi guys in support of the victims of the recent earthquake in Italy my 700 chefs at Jamie’s Italian UK and I are cooking a specific dish from the area “Pasta Amatriciana” it will be on the specials board tonight at Jamie’s Italian, and for the rest of the month. A donation of £2 pound from each dish will go straight to the International Red Cross, and I think we can easily make thousands and thousands of pounds to help ….

Many restaurants are getting involved and this could really make a difference, money will go to supporting the fire fighters involved with the digging, setting up of tented camps for homeless, and provisions of food and clothing as well as medical assistance to people injured, old, kids, pregnant women. 

Sadly this rescue and rebuilding will run for months to come, as it will take time to relocate people to new living arrangements. But at the same time every bit of help will count!

Big love to all and big love from me and my teams to our Friends in Italy we love you x X X X X #eatforitaly #every1counts @elbi