I really believe that children who are more involved in preparing food are more likely to try out new flavours, respect their food and respect where the food they eat comes from. When I become a parent I became so much more cautious of the food I was putting on my plate and on my child’s plate for I was now responsible for the well-being of her little body and her ginormous warm heart and I wanted to pass on the same love for real food to her and to as many parents and children as I am able to.

Joining the wonderful food revolution community (in 2014) just seemed like the next thing to do. Being a Food Revolution ambassador has given me the opportunity to do exactly that and so much more. It has given me a great platform to invest all my energy towards inspiring and instilling the love for real food in kids so that they grow up to be happy and healthy adults.

Food Revolution Day is definitely not just one day in the year for me. It is about passing recipes from one generation to another, about passing the love for food and family to our children, and most importantly making memories with our children in our kitchens each day of the year. Everyday is a new opportunity to spread the message of embracing cooking as a life skill. Weekend baking with my little one, volunteering to teach about food at her class whenever possible, participating in a demo at a local café or simply posting a recipe that children can cook on my blog are just some of the ways I try.

This year I am working towards celebrating Food Revolution Day itself on May 20th through a number of events in that week and the months thereafter. Here are some of the activities I have lined up.

An event with the 100 young chefs of a primary school on the 19th of May. We will be making two to four recipes out of the ten and the rest of the recipes will be shared with the students so they can learn one each month in their cooking club. We are also planning a quarterly cooking session with the children and the entire primary school is also joining the yearlong revolution where we will together cook all the ten recipes albeit virtually.

An event at Jamie’s Italian Dubai on the 20th of May, including food education games for about 60 children.

A third event at Lafayette Gourmet with another 100 kids on the 21st of May where we are giving it a slight twist and will work towards making the children taste and learn all the ten recipes.

We will continue to keep this food revolution alive throughout the year in Dubai through my site where all the children who will participate through all the above events, their tiny friends and my tiny readers will be engaged to cook along all the ten recipes.

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child and our Food Revolution Day 2016 “baby” will be raised with the help of ever-so-helpful and enthusiastic team members at the school, Jamie’s Italian and Lafayette Gourmet, members of media who have promised to support us in our attempt to reach the parents and their kids at Dubai and my lovely friends and family who always have the best ideas. I am just so fortunate to be surrounded with such generous people who always go out of their way and make it happen.

To a healthier and happier us.

About Prachi Grover

Prachi Grover divides her time between playing food consultant, writing for food publications, developing recipes for clients, conducting food workshops, cooking demonstrations and blogging at Orange Kitchens (all centered around children and their relationship with food). She lives at Dubai with her loving and ever supporting husband and their seven year old daughter who is known as her little chefling on the blog. Prachi is the Food Revolution Super Ambassador for Dubai.