Back in June last year was when I started my journey to get healthy. I tracked my progress through a website and social media channels that I created with my Mom. I called it “Harrison’s Weight Loss Journey.” Why did I do this? I was 10 years old and I loved watching TV and playing on my Xbox. I loved eating, good and bad foods, but lots of it.

Some of the other kids in my class could run faster than me, and they always got picked for the football team. But never me… I got called names, which wasn’t very nice and it started to upset me. During this time, I wasn’t very active and I wasn’t into sports.

Mom talked to me about what could happen to my body and health if we didn’t start changing things. We looked for help on the Internet, but there wasn’t much for kids. There just weren’t many gyms or exercise classes I could go to – or that my Mom and I could do together to get fitter.  

We decided to record my journey on social media to motivate me, and to try and get help. If I could motivate and inspire other people out there to join me on my journey, and get healthy, I thought that would be really brilliant.

Also during this time we got in contact with ‘The Body Coach,’ aka Joe Wicks, who really motivated me.

One of the things I had to get used to was that “it’s wasn’t a diet – it’s going to be the way we live our life from now on.” That’s what my Mom kept telling me.

Chris and Emma who own Evofit, a local gym near my home helped me with my exercise. I have one-on-one sessions with Chris, which I love …and hate! Emma does boot camp and I go with my mom.

I kept a food diary so we could really see what I was eating. Mom and Chris came up with a plan: I got ticks for good food and crosses for not so good food. Every week I had to get less crosses, but I was still allowed some.

A lot of people always ask me “how much weight have you lost?” I have learnt to understand that it’s not always about my weight – we look at my body fat instead. I am still growing so my weight will go up as I grow. But keeping my body fat low makes me healthy and keeps me fit.

It’s hard for kids and parents to know what’s healthy and what’s not when food labels aren’t easy to understand, marketing makes you think bad things are better than they are, portions are really big and cooking healthy food isn’t something everyone gets taught. I wish it was easier for me. I hope it can be made easier for more kids.

That’s why I’ve been sharing my story: so that more kids and families who face the same challenges I did can get motivation from my journey so far. I still have lots more to do and learn. And I hope everyone will join me so we can all support each other living healthier lives.

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About Harrison Wright

Harrison Wright is an 11 year old boy who lives in the West Midlands. He decided he wanted to change the way he lived his life, making it more healthy! Harrison continues with his family to try and motivate others to do the same. It has been proposed that Harrison’s journey will feature on the National child Measurement programme Letter in 2016 in his local area via Public Health. Harrison’s ambition is to feature nationally on all NCMP letter. Harrison and his mom are both now Ambassadors for their local school nurses campaigns.