My Food Revolution journey began back in 2010 and just gets better every day. I have a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and two Master Degrees, one in the Nutrition and the Quality of Life and on Gastronomy and the other in Nutrition and Dietetics, and I have been a member of the Food Revolution Ambassador community for a couple of years now.

A huge highlight for me has to be in June 2015 when as part of the Eramus Plus Programme, I spent three months living in Bradford, North East Yorkshire in the UK where I joined the incredible Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food team. During my time there I learnt so much, from the admin and paperwork to actually running classes and teaching the local community about nutrition, real food and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Participants of the classes came filled with enthusiasm to learn new skills and that is exactly what happened. Each class focused on technical parts of cooking, from learning to read recipes and mastering knife skills, to how to work your way around a kitchen. As we cooked, we talked about healthy lifestyles, wholesome foods, what we should be eating and buying, and what foods we should be limiting as treats.

This experience at Ministry of Food Bradford was, for me, quality time spent to acquire cooking skills whilst also learning more about reaching those people who are really in need of better food education.

Back in Romania, all my actions, events and work as a dietician and Food Revolution Ambassador are well integrated in two cities, Bistrita and Cluj-Napoca. I try to educate people about healthy lifestyles and how to make the best choices out of those available to them. Through the We Love Eating Project (a project which runs across seven cities in Europe) here in Cluj-Napoca, we host many events on food, physical activity and nutrition for kids, pregnant women and elderly people. I also teach children both at schools and at holidays camps about real food, nutrition and how to cook. This year for Food Revolution Day there were lots of different events, organised together by all of the ambassadors here.

Being part of the global Food Revolution team is great – it’s good to have such support and it’s incredible to connect and share ideas and recipes, not only with other ambassadors in Romania, but also with other ambassadors from all around the world.

About Lorena Somesan

Lorena Somesan is a Food Revolution Super Ambassador and a registered dietitian from Romania who is passionate about nutrition, healthy lifestyles and education. Lorena believes that by educating every single person, the whole world can be changed for the better.