The Food Revolution 2016 kicked off in NYC this May with the Foodstand’s Food Book and Film Club discussion with Michael Moss, best selling author of Salt Sugar Fat, and Chef Evan Hanczor, from Wellness in the Schools, a organisation that inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in NYC public schools.

In a panel discussion moderated by Foodstand’s co-founder and CEO, Rachna Govani, the conversation began with Michael Moss breaking down just what has – and hasn’t – changed in the food industry since Salt Sugar Fat was published in 2013. Moss said that consumers today are actually more empowered, because ‘all of the food giants, thanks to people like you, have started to panic. Sales are down, more and more people are caring about what they put in their bodies, and people are starting to act on that through purchase decisions.’

That said, the hidden cost of cheap food addiction is still very much an issue, particularly when it comes to global health. What’s crazy, according to Evan Hanczor, is that huge strides could be made in schools if just a fraction of that price tag ‘could be re-directed into healthier food and re-setting someone’s bliss point at a young age,’ thereby offsetting obesity and chronic illness down the road.

Hanzcor added that more needs to be done to educate and connect good food and moments of joy when we consider how to feed our children. If we are able to ‘connect deep nostalgia… to carrots or making potato pancakes, with something that can be healthy and consumed throughout your life, then you really have a mental shift that I think stretches on into the future’. Check out the entire panel discussion on Facebook Live here.

The celebration also included savory clean eats by farm-to-counter restaurant Dig Inn, recipe handouts for Jamie’s #FoodRevolution Salmon & Pesto-dressed Veggies, and a screened segment of That Sugar Film, about one man’s journey to discover the truth about sugar.

The Food Revolution is very much alive in NYC, big thanks to Michael Moss, Chef Evan Hanczor and the Foodstand for their amazing support!