New York City’s Union Square Greenmarket hosted the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation on Food Revolution Day 2016.

The event, held in conjunction with Foodstand, a platform that connects a community of good eaters, engaged with growers, buyers, tourists and Manhattanites who were visiting the Greenmarket and were interested in learning more about Jamie’s ongoing, global campaign to combat childhood obesity and undernutrition.

The featured recipe of the day was Jamie’s Vegetable Noodle Stir-fry, a signature dish that makes getting nutritious vitamins and minerals into our bodies both easy and delicious. The recipe also makes it simple to utilize and enjoy whatever vegetables happen to be in season at the local farmers market.


The day began with local elementary aged students touring the Greenmarket and learning more about where their food is grown. As the day evolved, increased foot traffic meant more opportunities to distribute copies of Jamie’s stir-fry recipe and engage hundreds of individuals on the importance of eating well and cooking from scratch. A demo and free samples of Jamie’s Vegetable Noodle Stir-fry were provided throughout the morning and afternoon.

The Union Square Greenmarket, which began in 1976, enjoys up to 60,000 shoppers a day and often features cooking demonstrations from world famous chefs.