This Food Revolution Day, some of the world’s youngest chefs are rolling up their sleeves and getting hands on with food.

Across the globe, mini chefs and bakers are taking to kitchens and canteens to whip up a storm. As for King’s Cross Academy, one of our Kitchen Garden Project schools, they’re taking to a national television studio to showcase their baking skills. Step aside Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

From 7.15am BST on Friday May 20th, 4-5 year olds from Kings Cross Academy will be joining Jamie on BBC Breakfast (UK) and baking up two of our Kitchen Garden Project recipes, tomato and basil focaccia and wholemeal bread and proving that even the youngest of kids can get in the kitchen. In honour of these, we’ve got these recipes exclusively for you to download and get baking with your kids.

As we know from our food education programmes, learning about real food and cooking from scratch gets kids eating real, wholesome foods. Kids who learn to cook are hungrier for healthy food choices, have better diets and are more confident about the importance of making healthier food choices. But it goes beyond good physical health.

A study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour found that a nutrition education program not only improved kids’ cooking and nutrition skills but also incorporated geography, math, science and cultural lessons, and improved the youngsters’ social skills through working together to prepare a meal and then enjoying it together.

Alongside these skills, tasks such as beating, mixing, rolling, cutting and kneading bread help develop children’s fine motor skills.

Knead any more reasons to get in the kitchen cooking with your youngsters?

Download the recipes for our Kitchen Garden Projects tomato and basil focaccia and wholemeal bread here. Share your images across social with #FoodRevolution.

Find out more about Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project here.