Luncheez provide a stimulating, all-encompassing food education journey for learners starting from seed-to-plate.  We are educating the children about food; where it comes from, how it is grown, sourced, prepared and how it sustains our minds and bodies. Our edible education initiative is very visual and hands on which opens dialogue amongst children and emphasizes the food fun factor in the learning process.  Luncheez also provide fresh, healthy, and varied lunch boxes direct to the classrooms of participating schools in Malta.

The seed of Luncheez was born out of a running commentary at the school gates, coffee mornings and birthday parties. There is an overwhelming request for the provision of school lunches, most notably from the large community of expats living in Malta from countries such as the UK, France, Finland and Ireland where school lunches consist of fresh and varied produce. In Malta, although there is a wealth of amazing food available, it requires time and knowledge to get hold of it and so the daily task of ensuring that the children have a healthy and well balanced lunch becomes tedious and time consuming.

Having 6 years’ experience lunch box drill training, a fellow parent and I decided to pool our resources and passion for change and tackle this issue. This seed has evolved into a plan to create a sustainable Food Education programme.  We want to use the profits from our lunchbox service to give back to participating schools and really make a difference in the food journey for children. We saw how many kids believe that the journey starts at the grocer, supermarket or their very own Lunchbox elf arriving in the night and we thought it was important to teach the children about the very beginning of planting the seed in their own gardens at school and educate them about the real origins of food.

The Food Education programme has developed from here and is currently underway with our first school, Chiswick House. Fortunately, Chiswick House has an inspiring principal who shares our passion for food and education around food and is giving us reign to come in and bring this programme to almost 1000 children. Word is spreading about our work and we already have another two schools knocking at our door. The wheels are well and truly turning on this project.

We are so delighted to have access to materials and resources from the Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project that will serve as a guide in setting up allotments and many other exciting initiatives for our participating schools. We are implementing an interwoven cross curriculum on gardening, recycling/composting, nutrition and sustainable agriculture; daily harvest and preparation of a healthy breakfast and lunch; offsite field trips and much more.

The sponsored school garden projects will help the children become actively involved in growing vegetables and herbs at school which we believe fosters a healthy relationship with the ground and an understanding of how food gets to the lunchbox.  Our plan is to have every child experiencing the process of planting, growing, harvesting and eating crops from their own school garden.

Jamie Oliver and the tireless work he puts into tackling the issue around food education for children is a shared passion.  For Food Revolution Day, Luncheez were proud to start this journey with Chiswick School and had a day full of fun-filled activities!  After starting the day with a Food Revolution assembly, the classes used the Food Revolution Day resource pack to design healthy foods. taste test fruit and vegetables, carry out a sugar experiment, and make the breakfast recipe for DIY Oaty Fruit Cereal!   We even managed to convert the non-believers that healthy can be tasty. The day was a huge success! It was a wonderful for ourselves to experience and bring an entire school together for a cause and see the children actively engaged in all food related activities with energy, enthusiasm and such eager participation from all.  Luncheez have since been asked to bring a food education programme to more schools in Malta so we are really excited to continue this great initiative and promote an excellent cause!

About Amanda Delin

Amanda lives abroad in Malta and is a full time mum of four. Professionally, her background is in risk assessment and she spent several years working for banks in the City of London. She is married to a Swede and two years ago, made the move to the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta. She has spent her first expat year navigating the island and its array of community stores that are fighting to survive. The grocers, farmers market, eco farms, fishmongers and butchers have led to an obsession of food and all that it entails. Luncheez has been born of this passion and along with a fellow parent, they have brought this exciting food education initiative and lunchbox service to schools in Malta.