I grew up in the small coastal town of Knysna South Africa, which is where my food odyssey started. I immigrated to the United Kingdom with my husband in the year 2000, and now live in beautiful Cornwall with my young family.

My deep meaningful relationship with food dates back to my childhood where sustainable living was the norm and food waste was non-existent. The necessities were bought from the local shop, and the pantry was stocked up with fruit and vegetable preserves. Many years later I qualified as a chef, and earned head chef position at the age of 26. When I became a mum my life totally changed as I now wanted to share all that knowledge that was passed down to me with my own children. After all, education starts at home and the heart and soul of my house is the kitchen.

I truly do believe that a healthy start in life starts at home. Learning about real food and how to cook is at the heart of this. It’s a skill shared, embedded in our memories that’s a constant reminder to make the right choices. Life is full of options and we are forced to make decisions on a daily basis, by laying down the foundations at home, we give our children the best start in life for a prosperous future.

Ten years ago Jamie started revolutionising school dinners. Watching this I was totally shocked by mums passing McDonalds burgers over the school fence, purely because they didn’t agree with what he was trying to achieve. Today I say well done Jamie, you stuck by your guns and look at how much you have achieved. My passion for food education started back then and with the health and wellbeing of my young family was always on my mind, I decided that I wanted to share this with others and so became a Food Revolution ambassador.

Being an ambassador is an important role. It has driven me into a positive direction. My community looks up to me for advice, and will also share similarities and interests. Being able to share a great passion with my fellow ambassadors is extraordinary, and a great to build good relationships with a platform all over the world.

The Food Revolution in Cornwall

This year, Food Revolution Day was less about a big event for me, but rather about an ongoing revolution making a lasting impact. The foundations have been laid and the platform is coming together. So this year to celebrate Food Revolution Day, as well as promoting the #foodrevolution through social media, I’ve also been working on creating a stronger team and ongoing movement here in Cornwall.

From reconnecting with individuals that I have previously connected with, to building relationships with local producers and connecting with organisations such as Cornwall Food Foundation, Fifteen, Food and Cornwall and the Eden Project, I am sharing my skills and support in order to make a difference here in my small part of the world.

Working with Cornwall Food Foundation for a series of courses to support their community programmes, supporting Family foraging kitchen to deliver this year’s freefoodforever project and also delivering wild food school courses in schools and hosting a foodshare in my community at least once a month, I’m looking forward to a brilliant year of food revolution activities. Food Revolution Day may have been and gone, but for me it is so much more than just one day.

What do you have planned in your community? Share your local #foodrevolution stories in the comments below and online.



About Debbie Thorpe

Debbie Thopre grew up in the small coastal town of Knysna South Africa, moved to the United Kingdom with her husband in 2000, and now lives in Cornwall with her young family. Debbie, a Food Revolution Super Ambassador, parted from her job as a Head chef to start a new foodie adventure Kcalfoods Cornwall, and now works as a private chef, food teacher and food stylist.