I’ve been giving cooking classes for children since I started my business in 2010 Mira’s Young Chefs (MYC). MYC offers hands-on, educational and fun cooking classes for kids, taking them on an interactive food adventure by teaching them different international and national dishes and exposing them to a variety of ingredients and cooking techniques.

I’m a big fan of Chef Jamie Oliver. I’ve always loved his noble messages of cooking with a purpose. I admire how he substitutes harmful ingredients with healthier choices. I learned about Food Revolution through his TV show and watching him challenge different governments’ food policies and challenge school systems made a huge impact on me. The way he fought for children’s health really resonated with me. I wanted to do the same thing for the kids in my country. I remember how much I was touched at the end of one of his shows when the kids who had initially refused to eat Jamie’s healthy meals eventually ate and enjoyed them.

Jamie Oliver’s ideas seemed to reflect my personal and professional goals and so I decided that I really wanted to become involved. I believed that joining the Food Revolution would help me expand my food education and community service activities, using my passion for cooking, which I inherited from my late mother.

Since becoming a Food Revolution ambassador in 2013 for Amman, the movement here has really grown. There are now four of us working to spread awareness using our passion for food to recruit little activists. Alongside teaching children in my community to cook on a daily basis, we also go big when it comes to Food Revolution Day!

This year, we celebrated at schools through interactive lectures about real food vs processed food, cooking classes, planting activities and healthy bake sales. Kids here joined others in schools across the world in making Jamie’s Oaty Fruity Cereal and some students even though to the stage themselves to talk about the Food Revolution and ask their canteens to switch the junk out for wholesome, fresh food.

Alongside our work in schools, I’ve also done some “healthy mothers with healthy kids” cooking classes for 150 moms and kids and we had hosted stalls in Amman which showcased local produce – such as Jabbok Farm’s organic produce and Bayouda Village’s traditional Jordanian bread made from their own flour – and got kids hands on with food through activities such as our ‘guess the spice’ game.

Being part of the Ambassador Program has given credibility to the message that I want to spread; to bring food education back into our schools and homes. The Food Revolution has been a great source of inspiration to us here in Jordan.

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About Mira Jarra

Mira Jarrar is a Food Revolution Super Ambassador and runs Mira’s Young Chefs (MYC), teaching children in Amman, Jordan to cook.