This year was the first year Moldova got involved with Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and they kicked off the campaign with a bang! Our two food revolution ambassadors, Cristina Pohilenco and Diana Leahu organised a star studded event in their home country. Moldova is a beautiful country nestled between Ukraine and Romania full of vibrant healthy foods with deep rooted traditional food culture. Food revolution day was a great chance to showcase this and share it with the world.

The ambassadors teamed up with the television channel for Moldova, Jurnal TV, and created an event where children were centre stage learning, and engaging in cooking and food education. Weeks before the run up to the event, a commercial was broadcast nationally. The commercial stars Moldovan celebrities, and chefs, which created a lot of buzz around the event. Cooking workshops and various other events were organised throughout May, around the country aimed specifically for children in foster care.

As an added bonus Jurnal TV aired a compilation of good luck messages (watch here) from some of the Food Revolution ambassadors from around the world, demonstrating the wonderful teamwork and community spirit the revolution inspires.

Once Food Revolution Day came around, several hundreds of children gathered with their families along with the countless others reached from the broadcast. The focus was on food education for children, as well as inspiring positive and fun associations with food. Food education is of growing importance in Moldova where 11.3 % of children lack proper nutrition and access to healthy food choices1. This food revolution day was only the beginning for Moldova, and we are excited to see what else they have in store with their tiny army of Food Revolutionaries.

1 (WHO, 2008)