Hi guys!

Last night was epic.

30 of the greatest chefs on the planet!

60 world-changing, heart-meltingly awesome CEOs!

7 local, zero-waste food producers rocking the food industry into a better future!

  • Fruit Magpie – Hazel, the queen of fruit cheese, churns out world-class membrillo de dulce from Tottenham!
  • Kupros Dairy – Anthony turns locally sourced raw ewe’s milk into addictively buttery British cheese, including Anglum, London Fettle and WheyCurd!
  • Local Honey Man – Curtis, the urban ‘beentreprenuer’ coaxes liquid gold from his team of bees to produce 100% pure, raw and natural local honey – straight from the hive to the jar!
  • Toast Ale – Tristram and his team of food waste advocates at @feedbackorg’s genius solution to the tonnes of bread that go to waste – make GREAT BRITISH BEER! And, even better, all profits support the fight against food waste!
  • Growing Underground – Rich and Steven of Zero Carbon Food’s brilliant micro green, pesticide-free brainchild, thriving 33 metres below the busy streets of Clapham.
  • Food Assembly – A Europe-wide network of communities buying fresh food directly from local producers and farmers. Farmers and foodmakers get over 80% for every product sold, compared to the 15%-25% that most supermarkets offer them.

And £510,693 raised for two initiatives pushing peoples’ health to the top of the UK’s agenda.

What was all the fuss about?

Last night marked the launch of a BIG project our team’s been working on with an amazing charity called UKHarvest. Together, we hosted the first ever UK CEO CookOff as part of Jamie’s Food Revolution.

The event took place in Old Billingsgate Market on the north bank of London’s winding river Thames. It saw some of the UK’s top business leaders team up with the nation’s best chefs to cook a banquet for hundreds of everyday heroes who work tirelessly to help others.

The guest list was beyond even our wildest dreams.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall attended as Patron of UKHarvest.

Business leaders included Fiona Dawson (Mars), Ewan Venters (Fortnum & Mason), Richard Scudamore (Premier League) Stephen Miron (Global), Cilla Snowball CBE (AMV BBDO), Craig Inglis (John Lewis) and James Hassett (Barclays).

They enthusiastically lined up in the kitchens alongside Jamie Oliver and some of the UK’s favourite chefs including Angela Hartnett, Bill Granger, Atul Kochhar and Gennaro Contaldo.

Each team prepared part of a three-course banquet under the guidance of the professional chefs, before serving up the meal to 600 everyday heroes who work in schools, hospitals and charities across the UK.

Why we’re working together?

Jamie Oliver and his Food Foundation have teamed up with UKHarvest because food waste is an important part of a bigger conversation that needs to happen globally about food. It’s the only way the food system will become a source of better health for people and the planet – instead of harm.

UKHarvest learned first hand how tonnes of good food was going to waste from their years of work in Australia. They learned how it could be better used by social service organizations trying to provide nutritious food to people without – if only those organizations had easier access to it from a source they could trust.

And so the concept was born in 2004 – OzHarvest launched as the first perishable food rescue organization in Australia, redistributing good surplus food from more than 2,000 commercial outlets and delivering it direct and free of charge to more than 900 charities.

It’s newly minted sister across the pond, UKHarvest, is now working to do the same in the UK.

Jamie Oliver has been calling for a Food Revolution for over a decade to inspire positive change in the way our children consume and understand food. This has included campaigning for a national sugar tax, healthier school meals and ensuring children know about and have access to healthy food. All of which are essential for future generations to lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

The CEO CookOff is a great example of what can be achieved when we all come together to keep that conversation alive – and turn it into action.

Where will the money go?

The money we’ve raised together will do just that. It will fund vital food education programmes that the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Jamie’s Ministry of Food run and the advocacy initiatives that keep them alive. And UKHarvest’s massive effort to deliver and connect up food waste reduction initiatives across the UK.

We’re so grateful for all of your support so far, and more to come. THANK YOU.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation