Be a Revolutionary

Why Me?

Meaningful, lasting change is built from the ground up. If we each take a few small steps to shift the way we grow, distribute, purchase, prepare and prioritise food, the ripple effect would be enormous. Governments will react with change in policies, businesses will change practices and therefore entire generations will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to eat good, nutritious food for a healthier, happier life.

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What Can I Do?

You decide how much you do. Change can start at home, simply by learning to cook a few nutritious meals and passing those new skills onto friends and family. Change can mean getting your kids in the kitchen, supporting local food or inviting your loved ones around a table to enjoy good food, cooked from scratch. You can also advocate change at a community level, by signing up to the Food Revolution, keeping abreast of all the latest news, and supporting Jamie and our partner’s campaigns in making our united voice heard. Together, we can all make small changes that en masse create a huge impact.

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Where Do I Start?


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Check out Jamie’s 10 nutritious Food Revolution recipes. Get cooking and pass on your skills.

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Whether you’re a teacher or parent, inspire children to love food with this simple recipe and accompanying resources.

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Show your support, download and share our Food Revolution assets, either via social media or to help organise an offline event. These assets should be used solely in support of the campaign, and never for commercial gain. Check out our T&C's for more info.

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More Inspiration


Stay up-to-date and check out all the latest stories and events that focus on the issues we care about.

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For recipes and ideas to get your kids excited about food, we’ve got plenty more to inspire you.

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Want to go that step further? Join our incredible voluntary food ambassadors who promote good, nutritious food in their communities.

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